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Spooks, Spirits and Sparklers, G&T’s NextGen at Ascot

G&T sponsors a race at Ascot once a year. This year it fell on the annual Halloween fireworks display and was an opportunity for the G&T NextGen to entertain clients and contacts while networking with other like-minded individuals across the built environment.

Read on to hear about the experience first-hand from G&T Executive Surveyor, Sophia Stylianou and watch our new film ‘G&T’s NextGen at Ascot’…

By Sophia Stylianou

“I was really excited when the G&T NextGen announced there was an opportunity to entertain a guest at Ascot for our sponsored race day and Halloween fireworks display. I knew the races would be a great day out and I love a good fireworks display, so I took the opportunity to invite a contact from an architect’s practice I have been working with recently.

On arrival at the racecourse, my guest and I were guided to our private box and greeted by the waiters and waitresses who would be looking after us for the day – with an 11am offering of champagne and pastries we weren’t complaining! As other G&T colleagues and their guests arrived, we had a great mix of consultants, clients, architects and more, with project experience from across the globe. There was plenty to talk about between us!

www.gardiner.comOnce we’d introduced ourselves and shared a few stories, attention turned to the task at hand – backing a winner! We shared thoughts and tips (although there weren’t too many of the latter!) and placed our bets. With anticipation we stood on the balcony of our box, leaning over the railings hopeful for a win. When the horses set off we cheered with encouragement and laughter right until the last horse reached the finish line.

Over the course of seven races we had a few wins and a few more losses, but overall a lot of fun. We were even invited down to the Parade Ring to meet the immaculately groomed horses running in G&T’s sponsored race and judge the ‘Best Turned-Out’ horse. With a wonderful lunch to follow and traditional afternoon tea the eight-hour day flew by in a flash.

Once the races were over and the last few bites of afternoon tea were eaten, the firework spectacular was about to begin. The display was beyond all of our expectations, as we all watched in amazement. The biggest and most colourful display I have ever seen, the sky was brightly lit up like a gigantic glitter bomb for a full half hour.

A brilliant day with a lot of laughter and building relationships, it was a great shared experience with other individuals across the built environment. This was truly a fantastic day out!”

See more from the day in our new film below:

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G&T Guide to Applications

By Victoria Davoren

Recruitment for G&T’s Chartership Programme is well under way with applications for 2017 opportunities now open. We receive a large number of applications from individuals looking to join G&T and around this time of year we are often asked by candidates ‘what makes a good application?’.

Although there is no magic formula when it comes to making a great application we have put together the following top tips as a guide to help those of you looking to apply this year. Read on to find out more…

Be Yourself

One size doesn’t fit all

We receive applicants from various backgrounds, from school leavers and graduates to career changers. All of you are important to us and we want you to write the best application as possible.

However it is fair to say sending the same generic CV or cover letter to all the organisations you are applying for will not make the best impression. Make sure you think about each application separately and apply based on the individual merits each opportunity presents for you.

Personality and enthusiasm

It is important to stand out from the crowd. In order to do so we need to get to know you – we want to read your application and not only get a sense of your academic background and experience but also your personality and enthusiasm.

Think about the following questions when writing your application:

  • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Do you have any interests that would help us get to know you better?

Be Prepared

Do your research

We are looking for candidates to show they have researched G&T and the roles that are available. We want you to show that you have done wider research beyond what is available on our website, such as checking our wider media channels including Twitter, LinkedIn and blog posts. This will show us you are keen and interested in G&T and aware of what is going on in recent G&T news.

Watch out for lazy applications! We will know if your words have been copied from our channels. We already know about G&T, we want to know more about you. Give us your opinion on something you have read recently in our news.

Knowledge of the industry

Passion for the industry and a level of commercial awareness is an important part of working at G&T. Consider the following questions and how you can demonstrate your knowledge when writing your application:

  • What do you know about the role you have applied for?
  • What issues are affecting the industry currently?

Having knowledge and awareness of the industry is not only important at the application stage but something that is vital throughout your career. Show us you are serious about the profession and committed to building your career.

The Application

Strong communication skills

At G&T the ability to communicate effectively is a key skill. At this stage we will be looking at how you communicate in writing. This is the first opportunity for you to sell yourself, so think about who will be reading your application. Try to keep paragraphs succinct and relevant while giving us enough information to make a decision.

Check, check and check again

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are vitally important when making a good first impression. It sounds obvious but an otherwise strong application can be let down by poor attention to detail.

Don’t go text blind! When you’ve read your application several times you can start to miss things. It is worth getting someone else with a fresh pair of eyes to check through your application before submitting it.

CV and cover letter

Like I mentioned earlier, sending the same generic CV will not help you make a good impression. You need to tailor your CV to G&T and why you want to be part of our programme. It is important to understand the attributes of the job and make sure your CV reflects the skills required for this specific role. Highlight your achievements and accomplishments and why they are relevant for this post.

Your CV should highlight who you are and what you can do and your cover letter should express your motivation and provide us with an insight into the kind of person you are. Consider the following questions when writing your cover letter:

  • Why G&T?
  • Why The Chartership Programme?
  • Why should we choose you?

We hope these top tips provide you with some guidance for your application for The Chartership Programme – the key is to remember that you are your own best advocate so make sure you showcase all you can bring to G&T in your application.

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The Chartership Programme

Following the recent Farmer review the industry has been involved in a heated debate about the future of construction. With a powerful message focussed on the skills shortage and lack of modernisation within the industry, Mark Farmer delivers strong words for construction’s top bosses in a review commissioned by the Government’s Construction Leadership Council (CLC).

Progression is at the heart of G&T and one of our core business values. Through our ever evolving workforce we plan for the future with programmes such as the new Apprenticeship scheme and our NextGen initiative. In September G&T launched The Chartership Programme, a training initiative which takes into account the changing landscape in early experience development. Read on to find out more…

www.gardiner.comThe construction industry continues to experience a skills shortage, with a significant number of professionals due to retire over the next 10 years it has never been more important to attract new people into the industry. G&T is a signatory of the RICS Inclusive Employer Quality Mark which aims to create a more diverse and representative workforce in the construction and property industry. This is further supported within the firm through the introduction of The Chartership Programme.

At G&T, we take pride in nurturing the Next Generation of property and construction professionals, encouraging participation in training and development from the beginning but we are also mindful of ensuring we adapt the programme to meet the needs of the participants.

G&T has been training graduates since 1975 and has seen consistently high APC pass rates, well above the RICS national average. The first structured Graduate Development Scheme was introduced in 2004 and in September 2016 – evolving from the success of this initiative G&T introduced The Chartership Programme.

www.gardiner.comThe aim of The Chartership Programme is to ensure individuals joining the firm achieve their professional qualification in a timeframe relevant to them. This may take from one year for professional experience candidates to six years for our Apprentices but they all have the same goal in mind: Chartered Membership of RICS.

The programme includes a structured timetable of blended learning that includes seminars and interactive sessions, which are backed up by technical knowledge sharing, APC workshops, access to our online Learning Management System and the all-important on-the-job learning. All of this is supported by a network of qualified individuals around the firm who alongside their day to day roles act as facilitators, mentors and coaches to those on the scheme.

The programme builds on the G&T led Trailblazer Apprenticeships which saw academia, industry, the RICS and the Government work together to develop a new pathway for individuals to enter the profession. It aims at attracting a wider pool of candidates to the industry, not only those from university but also individuals from different backgrounds, ages and abilities by offering a structured training pathway regardless of whether individuals join us as apprentices, graduates or career changers.

www.gardiner.comOur first Chartership Programme cohort joined us at the beginning of September on a week-long orientation course to introduce them to the firm, its culture and what the beginning of their career will look like for them.


Terri Setters

“The early experience recruitment and development landscape has radically evolved over the past few years, which highlights how current initiatives are already playing a part in opening the profession up to individuals from diverse backgrounds. We understand however that there is a lot more to still do. We continue to take account of the changes in the market and business imperatives to ensure our recruitment, training and development is inclusive of all backgrounds and levels of experience”  Terri Setters, Director of People and Development.

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Five Pancras Square – Project Spotlight

Five Pancras Square is the new headquarters for the London Borough of Camden after the relocation from its previous offices on Euston Road – and it also happens to be one of the most sustainable public buildings in the UK. This state of the art facility is part of the wider King’s Cross regeneration where G&T is providing Employer’s Agent, Cost Management and Project Management services on this circa £5 billion scheme. Read on to find out more about King’s Cross and Five Pancras Square…

The iconic redevelopment of King’s Cross is transforming the area into one of the most attractive places to live, work and visit in London. The development is being delivered by King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership, a joint consortium between Argent and Australian Super (who bought out the LCR and DHL investment in the scheme in 2015).  The project is 67 acres and comprises 50 new buildings, 1,900 new homes and will provide 10 new public parks and squares.

One of the buildings successfully completed in the south of the development is Camden Council’s new community building, Five Pancras Square, which includes council offices, a leisure centre and a library. The project was completed in July 2014 and has received a host of awards in the aftermath of what was an extremely successful contract.


Five Pancras Square, King’s Cross

The community building includes a leisure centre with two pools and a fitness centre, library and café as well as the Council’s customer access centre and administrative offices. The building is 250,000 sq ft over 13 storeys and three basement levels.

As well as being one of Camden’s most accessible leisure centres, Five Pancras Square is also one of the greenest public buildings in the UK. The innovative building is designed by Bennetts Associates, an architecture practice that specialises in sustainable building design. It is one of the first inner-city buildings in the UK to achieve a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ sustainability rating and its energy efficient ventilation system and solar panels ensure low carbon emissions and reduced running costs.

Five Pancras Square has achieved the Prime Minister’s 2015 Better Public Building award, Construction News’s Sustainable Project of the Year 2015 and the CIC’s 2016 Inclusive Environments award.


G&T Partner,  Jon Eyles


“This building was a challenge to deliver from day one with the site previously encompassing the old railway gas holders and their typical ground contamination which had to be removed before the building could even start to be constructed. The end product is fantastic and we are proud to be part of the delivery of such a sustainable building!” – Jon Eyles, G&T Partner.


Want to find out more about King’s Cross development? Visit their website www.kingscross.co.uk/discover-kings-cross.

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Five Reasons to Join G&T

If you’re just coming into the job market, or perhaps considering a change of scene, then G&T might be the place for you. To find the perfect fit and be truly happy in the workplace it is often the culture and values of a firm that are most important, rather than just looking at the job spec for the role you are after. Taking an all-round view of your potential new employer will help you make your next career move a great success. Read on to find out the top five reasons why G&T is a great place to build your career…

Our Independence

G&T is a privately owned business and one of the last remaining of its scale within our industry. Whilst we are proud of our 180 year heritage, we are equally proud of the autonomy and flexibility our private status gives us to adapt and change with the times. We listen and respond to the market and adapt to industry demands. We are progressive and innovative as a business backed up by a successful legacy, constantly evolving whilst maintaining our position as leaders within our field.

Our Projects and Clients

Our projects speak for themselves. G&T is a trusted advisor on some of the largest and most exciting schemes across the world, working with a wide range of clients. We believe in building relationships and offer a bespoke service to our clients built on trust. The large majority of our work comes from repeat business with key clients whom we have a long-standing relationship and who value our knowledge and expertise as trusted partners.

The Variety of Work

Here at G&T, we have a firm identity. We offer first class consulting services across cost consultancy and project management in addition to complementary specialist services. Our projects range across a wide variety of sectors including residential, commercial, mixed-use and retail as well as education, hotels, leisure and major projects.

We Take your Career Development Seriously

We recognise the career development of our employees is at the heart of our success and as a result we invest in our people and their development. Our Chartership Programme is highly acclaimed and our success rate for supporting people through their APC is one of the best in the industry.

We believe that the opportunity for career development should never stop. We therefore offer everyone the chance to develop a carefully considered, tailored career development plan and we are fully supportive of each and every employee to ensure their ambition to grow as a professional is nurtured and their potential reached.

Our People Culture

Our people-focused culture means we offer employees the best of both worlds; the bells and whistles you would expect of a company of our size balanced by the intimacy of being a part of a smaller team where every member counts. Our open plan seating arrangement on each floor means no hot desking, our inter-team collaboration provides a strong network of support and encouragement and partners are hands-on and accessible to every member of the organisation.

G&T has a lively social scene including several sporting teams, social events throughout the year and an annual afternoon Christmas lunch for every team. Check out some of our YouTube videos to find out more.

However we do realise, it’s not all about being at the office. G&T has above the average industry holiday allowance with 27 days plus Christmas shutdown and not including bank holidays. We also get a £250 health and leisure allowance, additional last Friday of the month early finishes and 4pm closing before bank holidays, so employees’ quality time with family and friends need not be sacrificed.

If this sounds like a place you want to spend your working week, why not get in touch to find out more? Follow us on Twitter and connect with us using LinkedIn.

We are always looking to hear from experienced and driven cost consultants and project managers of all levels so please leave us a comment in the box below.

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Here East – Project Spotlight

Have you heard about Here East?  G&T is providing cost management services on the iconic transformation of the former Olympic Press and Broadcast Centres into over one million square feet of dedicated and versatile space for creative and digital companies in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  Read on to find out more about this historic redevelopment…  

The development forms part of the Olympic Legacy plan, where its values are centred on local and Olympic history, combining creativity with inclusivity both in its design and concept. With 500 on-site members and organisations Here East is built with a bold vision- a campus designed into fostering collaboration between start ups and big business.  ‘London’s former home for making’ is a place where innovative products can be developed and technology and creativity can thrive.


Here East, IBC Office – Image by Hawkins\Brown Architects and The Neighbourhood

Due to open in January 2017 the site is already home to BT Sport, Loughborough University, Studio Wayne McGregor, UCL and Infinity SDC. The project involves the complete replacement of the façade including eight million digitally printed dots providing solar shading to the new façade, making it one of the largest digitally printed jobs in Europe.

Earlier this summer it appointed ENTIQ as its partner to help create and run Europe’s largest innovation centre, which will provide 70,000 square feet of state of the art incubator, accelerator and collaborative workspace.  As well as providing a new community destination featuring a landscaped canal side with artisan cafes, shops and restaurants, it will also create over 7,500 jobs including 5,300 directly on-site and a further 2,200 in the local community.


Craig Chatley


“Here East has provided me with an amazing opportunity to be involved in the legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The transformation of the existing buildings into a 1.2 million square foot digital and creative campus has been a unique and exciting project and one that I am proud to have been involved in.” – G&T Senior Associate, Craig Chatley.


Want to know more about Here East? Visit their website: http://hereeast.com/

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