Shooting for the Stars – G&T’s Mixed Netball Tournament 2016

Getting involved in team sport is a great part of working at G&T. Sport encourages employees to communicate and collaborate with other members of the firm across all levels of the business, creating a culture of teamwork and inclusivity.

Sports are played across a variety of leagues against other construction firms and also a few of our clients. G&T builds strong internal relationships by holding competitions and tournaments, including the annual mixed inter-floor netball tournament. 

The G&T mixed netball tournament is a great way for employees from across all parts of the business to get together for a bit of fun and friendly competition.

2016 saw four teams and a record 72 players take to the court on a beautiful summer’s afternoon down in West Hampstead. All four teams had a theme for their outfits, which included Army Cadets, Rio Carnival, Where’s Wally and Jungle Safari. Following a round-robin tournament there was a tie between the fourth and second floor which led to a final play-off match. After a close match, with multiple goals and several blows of the whistle, the fourth floor were victorious and crowned floor champions of the tournament.

Player of the Tournament – Tom Beeby 

Best Outfits – The Wallys

Boys v Girls – The Boys (by one goal!)

Check out the pictures and film below to see more from the 2016 G&T mixed netball tournament:

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Check out our YouTube film of the event below:

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Faena Hotel Miami Beach- Project Spotlight

The Saxony Hotel has had a makeover! The newly named Faena Hotel Miami Beach is up and running following an extensive renovation where G&T provided cost and project management services. The hotel moves away from traditional ideas, bringing life back to Miami Beach. Read on to find out more about this ground-breaking scheme and the interesting ideas behind it…

Originally built by businessman George Sax in 1948, The Saxony Hotel was the first luxury property to appear in Miami Beach, hosting Hollywood royalty such as Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. Argentine developer, Alan Faena, employed the skills of film director, Baz Luhrmann and costume designer, Catherine Martin, to transform this hotel into a central part of the $1.25 billion Faena District development.

The project itself includes 169 guestrooms, 13 suites and a Penthouse with rooftop private terrace. The hotel boasts a specialist Cabaret theatre with five additional food and beverage venues, not to mention the lobby décor includes a 24-karat, gold-plated, woolly mammoth sculpture by Damien Hirst. Faena wanted to combine dreams with reality and create a celebration of collaboration between the building itself and the interior design.

The woolly mammoth, courtesy of Damien Hirst

The scale of the project was not without its challenges. In bringing the old Saxony back to life, high end finishes ranging from gold leaf to specially commissioned murals by artist Juan Gatti, were incorporated into the final design. This required procurement and collaboration on an international scale, where G&T undertook factory checks to ensure the end product met specifications before being shipped for installation.

Faena Hotel Miami Beach

One of the largest challenges encountered in the refurbishment was the hidden and unforeseen conditions of the structure. A significant amount of concrete restoration and exterior façade work was required to get the building to completion. In order to mitigate exposure on this work, G&T worked closely with the design team to ensure only essential upgrade work was undertaken and costs remained within budget.

The Saxony Hotel was designed and delivered by an international team of consultants. To achieve this, a significant amount of onsite resource was put in place to coordinate the design, management of the proposal process and a complete understanding of the client vision for this particular ‘one of a kind’ product.

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Construction Industry Summit 2016 – What can you expect?

The annual Construction Industry Summit is being held on the 20th and 21st September 2016 at the Grange St Paul’s Hotel. Industry professionals and government representatives from across the built environment will come together to discuss key trends that will affect the industry for the next 12 months – including G&T partners Tony Burton and Rob Knight who will be speaking over the two day event. Read on to find out more about the Summit and key highlights to watch out for at the conference…

The CIC began hosting the Construction Industry Summit (CIS) in 2015. The conference is an opportunity for the construction community to listen to industry experts and ask questions of leaders from both the industry and Government. With the new modus operandi ‘for industry, by industry, with government’ the conference focuses on industry concerns, asking advice and guidance from the government and discussing options for delivering projects for clients that are built for the future.

In September 2016 the Summit will be hosted by Professor John Nolan, who took over as CIC Chairman from G&T’s Tony Burton in June this year. In his capacity as Deputy Chairman Tony will be acting as co-host at the conference, opening the second day of talks and discussions.

Construction built to last

Across the two days the construction industry will focus on key topics that will affect the market over the next 12 months.

Key themes:

  • The Government Strategy – How the industry can help achieve Construction 2025 aimed at ensuring Britain remains at the forefront of global construction for the future.
  • Procurement and Smart Buying – The importance of updating the payment process to better reflect current methods of payment and future proofing industry standards in line with technological advances.
  • Data Collection and Use – A look into the importance of data collection and how this helps to inform the decisions about the future of the built environment.
  • Skills for the 21st Century – Discussing the methods for attracting and training the next generation of built environment professionals, encouraging creativity within the industry and developing a deeper understanding of construction.
  • Collaboration – The importance of working as a team and creating strong communication links throughout the supply chain.
  • Innovation and Efficiency – How innovation and new ways of working can help improve efficiencies and create value for clients.

Designing for the future


Tony Burton

Tony Burton


Highlights from the conference will include keynote speeches from Dr David Hancock, Head of Construction for the Government Construction Team, Lord Digby Jones speaking about a ‘Post Brexit Country’ and Maggie Philbin, CEO and Co-Founder of TeenTech who was also named as one of the 50 Most Inspiring Women in European Technology.

Rob Knight

G&T Partners Tony Burton and Rob Knight will also be taking to the stage to present talks over the two days. Tony will be discussing the need for the industry to implement smarter payment methods and the importance of keeping up with current market trends. Rob’s talk focuses on major projects and how the industry can create better value through efficiencies, collaboration and better procurement methods.


Not forgetting about the dinner that will be held on Tuesday evening, following the first day of the conference. Industry professionals will have a chance to network with experts across the property and construction industry discussing the day’s talks and building relationships with others in the profession. The CIC will also present their Inclusive Environment Award which celebrates exemplar schemes and projects to help raise the standard of inclusivity achieved across the industry.  This ‘Award of Awards’ will select a winner from existing award winners for exceptional and inspired inclusive design in the built environment.

The Construction Industry Summit will take place on the 20th and 21st September at the Grange St Paul’s Hotel.  

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A Youthful Triumph – G&T Unders vs Overs Cricket Match

Getting involved in team sport is a great part of working at G&T. Sport encourages employees to communicate and collaborate with other members of the firm across all levels of the business, creating a culture of teamwork and inclusivity. Sports are played across a variety of leagues against other construction firms and also some of our clients. G&T builds strong internal relationships by holding competitions and tournaments, including an Under 30s v Over 30s cricket match held once a year.

The Unders vs Overs cricket match is a well-established tradition in the G&T calendar and has been held annually for over 30 years. 2016 saw 24 employees take to the field in what was to be one of the toughest matches so far.

Read on to hear how the teams got on from the captains themselves…

The Overs – Tough in Defeat

By Andrew Allbon

“This year the Overs were able to field a full team of 11 qualifying players, all aged over 30. Question marks were raised over the age of some of the Unders team due to ‘light on top’ haircuts and slovenly beards. Nonetheless the Overs emerged looking fresh and ready for a well spirited game.  The Unders won the toss and elected to bat first. The Overs noticed the weak batting line up and gave all 11 eligible players a bowl which allowed the Unders to post a large total of 193 runs.

A good team effort from all bowlers in the Overs, with special mentions going to Chatley (13-1), Bell (8-1) and myself (10-1).

The Unders were clearly worried about our imperious batting line-up and accordingly threw the ball to their strike bowlers to ensure victory by 23 runs.

It was a solid effort with Smith (30), Bell (30) and Ray (13) in amongst the runs. There was a special moment for all involved as M. Poulard (Snr) was joined by J. Poulard (Jnr) at the crease. Spectators were treated to some dabbing shots and quick runs between the wickets from the two Poulards.

It was a tough day for the Overs, who put up a great battle to the end.

…Until next year.”

Unders – Strong from the Start

By James MacDonald Watson

“The big day had arrived, another year of the Overs plotting the Unders downfall and with the recruitment of previous Unders, Chatley, Hay and Bell so spirits were high.

The toss was won and the Unders decided to bat, as a tradition and, after a shaky start from those who had started on the refreshments with too much gusto, the middle and later order enabled us to post an intimidating total of 193, aided by several 25s including Calnan peppering the nearby tennis courts. There was also assistance from the Overs in the field, especially their captain Allbon who shelled a catch and added to our total with two missfields.

With a solid total to protect, the bowlers set to work and strong efforts again from O’Brien, Calnan and Beeby kept the Unders in the lead. Some lusty hitting from the lower order of Smith and Bell kept the game close but any real fighting chance the Overs had was finally extinguished when the ‘Old Master and Young Pretender’ combination of Poulards was dismissed. Pleasingly for cricket my over was given the treatment and went for 14.

So ended another cracking day of cricket, once again one of the highlights of the G&T sporting calendar, played with fantastic spirit and competitiveness throughout. We look forward to the challenge next year as the Unders look to make it five years in a row as champions.

Under and out – (still only 28 despite the dubious hair)”

Overs M.O.M – Rian Smith

Unders M.O.M – Marcus Calnan

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Click on the link below to see some of the highlights from the game and watch our new film! 

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G&T Flying High at Heathrow

Heathrow airport is in its third year of the Independent Fund Surveyor (IFS) development framework. The aviation sector is one of the most diverse in the industry and an important part of developing infrastructure across the world. G&T is assisting clients with airport expansions to accommodate increasing air traffic and creative solutions are being sought to support the future growth of air travel in densely populated and politically sensitive areas.

G&T has experience across a number of key projects around the globe and has given advice on iconic developments such as the Dubai International Airport and the Manchester City Airport expansion. We also provided project management services for the Air India Relocation and delivered several elements of the Heathrow development programme, where we were also appointed as Independent Fund Surveyor for their new framework back in 2014.



Find out more about Heathrow in our infographic by clicking the link below…

Heathrow Project Spotlight




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Building with Bamboo – AA’s Haiti Visiting School Update

G&T is proud to support the Architectural Association’s (AA) Haiti Visiting School for the second year running. The school was set up as an annual programme following the catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010. Its aim was to introduce new methods and innovative materials into the construction industry, teaching the next generation of Haitian architects alongside students and designers from across the world about the importance of finding lightweight, durable and sustainable resources. Working in partnership with the AA and the programme’s director, John Naylor, G&T is looking forward to helping another class of Haitian architects look to the future of building and construction innovation. Read on to find out more about the programme…

Haiti Visiting School Programme

The AA was originally formed in 1847 and is the UK’s oldest school of architecture. As an extension of the Association’s ‘unit system’ the Haiti Visiting School embodies the programme’s objectives of Education, Reforestation, Infrastructure and Construction and will this year be extended from the previous two week workshop into a fully structured education programme which will come to an end this summer.

An estimated three million people were affected by the earthquake, with one million people left homeless and 250,000 buildings destroyed. Yet one month later an earthquake 500 times more powerful hit central Chile, resulting in the deaths of 525. This was a disaster of Haiti’s lack of lightweight building materials, working practices and construction, not nature. The devastation was increased by the trend in the Haitian construction industry to use concrete blocks rather than more lightweight materials. The programme was set up to provide support and introduce innovative building methods using alternative resources and more sustainable materials such as bamboo.

Bamboo Plantation

The importance of bamboo in Haiti’s history can be traced back to the 1950s, where this strong but flexible plant was introduced as a means of restoring the ecology with the potential to be a cheaper alternative building material during tough economic conditions. Bamboo can grow up to one meter a day, reaching heights of up to 30 meters tall if left uncut. Not only is this lightweight material naturally adapted for construction but it also absorbs twice as much carbon as trees, allowing the community to earn money from growing it as part of the worldwide drive to curb carbon emissions. The students taking part in the programme not only learn about bamboo’s uses in the built environment but also develop their own understanding of the material, designing new uses for it and new products, which if successful, will help boost the value of bamboo in the recovering Haitian economy.

View across the bamboo  

In 2015 G&T collaborated with the Haitian Visiting School programme director, John Naylor, to introduce the ‘G&T Award for Determination’, which recognises one student each year who has overcome challenging circumstances in order to participate in the course. G&T is proud to once again be presenting the award at the end of programme for 2016, when the ceremony will be held on the 11 August.

John Naylor

Programme Director, John Naylor commented:

“Once again we are grateful for the support and extremely thankful for the additional enthusiasm in organising the ‘Award for Determination’. In a country with such a rich architectural heritage as Haiti, having such a cutting-edge international firm as Gardiner & Theobald providing this attention adds a great deal to the classroom culture for all of us, and means an incredible amount personally to the recipient.”

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10 Hudson Yards – Project Spotlight

10 Hudson Yards has officially opened its doors to employees for the first time! The 52-storey building is an iconic development in Manhattan’s West Side and the new headquarters for luxury brand Coach, Inc. as well as many other high-end brands. G&T provided both cost and project management services on this 1.8 million sq.ft development. Read on to find out more about this groundbreaking scheme…

Coach’s new headquarters

Hudson Yards is the largest private real estate development in New York’s history and following its completion will see more than 125,000 people a day walk its streets and enter its buildings. This iconic development in the heart of New York will become home to some of the world’s most innovative businesses and Coach, Inc. has been a strategic partner in the development from the very beginning.

10 Hudson Yards will be home to 7,000 employees, featuring panoramic views and interwoven with the world famous High Line.

As part of the project team G&T’s Joanna Cuevas commented:

G&T’s Joanna Cuevas

“G&T New York has had the pleasure of working with a dynamic client that represents American design at its finest, demonstrating a commitment to the  redevelopment of Manhattan’s west side as the first tenant partner in 10 Hudson Yards. Coach, Inc. will forever hold the legacy of taking a leap of faith in partnership with Related Hudson Yards in the first building to be completed in the complex. G&T was at the forefront of this project beginning with the challenging partnership negotiation with Related, seeing the client through several design and marketing changes, and adjusting to construction market fluctuations over the course of the project. We are proud to have worked with such a knowledgeable and determined design and construction team and look forward to the success of Coach, Inc. in their new headquarters.”

FullSizeRender (1)

Hudson Yards atrium

G&T provided project and cost management services for two of the major tenants – Coach and L’Oréal USA. As anchor tenant and part owner of the new building, Coach will occupy floors 6-19 and the interior fit-out includes a design studio, small-scale manufacturing capability and office space.

As L’Oréal’s tenant representative for their headquarters relocation, G&T provided technical assistance on an extensive lease negotiation and offered guidance on key base building modifications including the addition of a terrace and raised floor system.


Following the completion of the first phase of this iconic development G&T’s Gordon Kerr stated:

G&T’s Gordon Kerr

“The G&T Coach team feels extremely proud to be involved in the first phase of such an iconic and high profile real estate development in NYC. Managing the interior fit-out of the Coach floors and representing Coach on the Core & Shell project provided many challenges. To bring the project to a successful completion has been incredibly rewarding.”

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